tired but happy..

[ i’m feeling | pampered ]

it’s a long day. work, yoga classes, dinner + tv at home, and staring at the com for hours. feeling sleepy but am happy.

pampered myself with a long shower.. full body scrub, facial scrub + mask.. emerged feeling fresh and clean! slapped with dry skin with loads of white moisturizer and the day seems to just get better!

alrighty, i’m finally done with the wakeboarding pics. a little late compared to my expected schedule due to an unexpected hiccup. came home yesterday and couldn’t log into my computer after i put it in hibernation the day before. had to reboot.. and gawd.. all my resized pictures are gone!! (u can start imagining how pissed i was..)

here’s the photos that i promised. i think belle cant wait to get her eyes on it.. hee..

there are a couple of things that i need to do in the next 10 days..
1. get a manicure + pedicure next week..
2. shop for a evening gown.. (for a wedding at shangri la next weekend)
3. sign up for intermediate hartha yoga class..
4. start studying for jap exam.. (i just realised it’s a month away!)
5. meet michie + jac to collect my shoes and give jac her eye gel..