feeling down..

[ current mood | feeling pissed ]

my eyes hurts like hell. it seems to be telling me that it’s on strike. no matter how hard i blink, it hurts and i cant see properly.

I’m getting work blues. i shouted at someone at work. i dun give a damn anymore. no more nicey nicey cherie when all the work is targetted at me. your work means ur work and mine is mine. i’m gonna draw lines and build walls around myself.

had a sucky lunch. yucks. i wonder how’s dar coping with his exam today.. havent heard from him as yet.

my work desk is in a complete mess. I’m trying to sort out documents. took a photo.. will try to load it at home if my mood gets better.

– pouts –

my only solace now is to read weiyi’s blog. super entertaining.