long weekend..

everyone’s week prob started 2 days ago.. mine is going to start later. cool? well, i’m a female, and i get 2 days mc for menstrual cramps. envy?

i guess there are just some perks being the feminine species. what a trade off for pain.

i headed for yoga class despite being alone. wenjing had work to clear coz she’s gonna go to bangkok for the rest of the week till next monday. shuyu had a headache and decided she’s aint gonna attend. i decided to head for it alone. i paid money and i’m gonna make it worth every single penny that i paid. =)

the usual teacher was nowhere in sight and another came in place. a more senior one i guess. she taught a lot more positions, tougher positions. it’s great in a way, stretched my muscles + penny more. ha.

i’m gonna start watching japanese cartoons.. in aid of my japanese learning. so, i made a resolution to myself that i’ll watch the cartoons at least 3 times a week. thank god i got a brother who’s such a fan that i wont need to worry where to find those cartoons.

no one’s online on my msn list. where has everyone gone? i wonder how’s michie coping in bangkok. keep checking her blog for news of her. i’m missing you mich, if you are reading this..

i dread heading for work. im thinking of tendering my resignation. should i? wei asked me to give myself a time frame, should the situation not improve.. i should get out. i have to give 2 months notice.. so how long more should i hang on still? i wish someone could give me an answer. im so lost.

i guess its time for bed. i got to wake early tomorrow. seems like a long time since i last woke early. =P

i’m so excited abt sunday!! i’m gonna go wakeboarding with pei again! Woohooo!!

-jumps around-