tiring tiring..

boy. i’m like a baby, constantly needing sleep. not to mention that i met 2 over the weekend, or rather 1 + 1/2.

was out really late on friday nite. had dinner and karaoke with the girls and i popped down ms to meet raphael and gang.. chilled out for a while a eastside and they decided to hit mdm wong. *eyes open wide*

haha.. i cant even remember when was the last time i stepped inside.. ages ago definitely. as usual, crowded like shit. it’s closing time before i knew it.. was hungry and headed for supper before flagging a cab home. met janice at the kopitiam! am always glad to see her..

snoozed at around 5.30am and u can imagine what i felt when i woke at 8.30am! was late for an hr at work..

struggled the day thru, came home, napped for 2 hrs and headed off to samantha’s hse at choa chu kang. it’s JASON’s full month! met up with ms chong!! gawd.. havent seen her for ages! and the most-heard-abt joelle.. whom was a ex-employee of atc.. finally know how she looks like now.. hee.

met all the kids of joseph, kin, freddie.. and the wives of kin, freddie.. interesting. biggest gathering of atc i would say..

headed off to dar hse after the event and was so tired that i slept while trying to read my cleo mag.

i decided against sentosa on sunday morning coz was simply too tired, and i got invited to yet another birthday party. this time, chiew yen’s daughter.. 1st bday!

by the time i got back to dar’s house.. im so tired and fell asleep once more. i cant remember what time i woke, but i went to have dinner and then its home sweet home.

time to practise my jap..