21 things abt my bedroom..

to curb my sleeping spell.. i’ve decided to keep myself occupied with doing quizzes.. a little boliao tho.

21 things abt my room..

1. What’s the color of your bedroom walls?
should be white.. but it’s a little greyish now. Haven’t done any painting since i was a kid.

2. What’s inside your closet?
which one u refering to? clothes clothes and more clothes! what else to put in there?

3. Do you have a carpet or hardwood floor?
marble flooring…always cool and nice

4. What kind of pictures or stuff are on the walls?
nothing. only a huge white board that i used to have a photo collage..

05. Is your computer in the bedroom?
I wish it was.. i’ll never step out of my room anymore..

06. Did you make your bed today?
no such habit nowadays (used to do it when i was MUCH younger), but dun see the point since its always messed it up the moment i come home anyway..

07. Are your clothes all over the place?
depends.. if im rushing out of the hse, yes. when im deciding what to wear, yes. all over my bed i meant. in normal circumstances, no

08. What does ur bed luk like?
how else can a bed look like? a mattress on top of a plank. a queen sized mattress that is.

09. When you walk in the bedroom what’s the first thing you smell?
a sense of familiarity.. a place where i snuggle..

10. Do you have a tv in your room?
used to, but i found it missing one day after i came home. It mysteriously went to my brother’s room.. not much of loss since i hardly watch..

11. Are there any full-length mirrors?
yes.. the doors to my bathroom are mirrors..

12. What’s on the table next to the bed?
Hmmm..table on right or left? dressing table or study table? okie.. here’s the stuff on dressing table.. piggy banks.. nail polish.. perfume.. hair styling products.. facial care products..talcum powder.. hair clips/bands/pins.. watches.. some coins..

13. What’s in the drawer of the table next to the bed?
some rubbish that doesnt belong to me..

14. What covers the windows? Curtains or mini blinds?
curtains.. but its eventually covered by my bags!!

15. What’s piled up under your bed?
nothing can be put there.. prob. dust & my hairs..

16. What color is your bed?
white wooden bed..

17. Are the lights bright or dim in the room?
depends on which light i decide to switch on. can be adjusted according to my mood.. romantic eh?

18. Do you use a little plug in night light?

19. Do you have aircon in your room?
yes yes.. i’ll die without it..

20. Do you drink or smoke in your bedroom?
i dun smoke and i’ll kill anyone that smokes in my room.. but i drink tho.. water bucket mah..

21. The most eye catching item in the room?
it has to be boi boi.. he’s the first thing i look for the moment i get home and step into my room.. (he’s my dear orangey doggie plush)

Wooo hoo… finally finished. seems like i have taken a long time to complete this.. almost knocking off time.. got to pack my stuff… 😛