snoozing after lunchtime..

i startled. looked around seeing the familiar surroundings and class 95 playing on my 6610. wondered if anyone discovered that i fell asleep for the past 30 mins or so.

– head spinning –

i’m getting so sick and “bored” of the job. did i mentioned that i now have to help out the accounting department for clearing paperwork and data entry? How great rite? I’m a super multi-tasking heroess. I’m pretty good for every department. How’s abt the COO’s office someday huh? *grinz*

konked out the moment i reached home yesterday. freaking tired. had a date with allen at nite to play snooker and had to drag myself out of the bed for the date. daisie came along together with allen’s cousin and cousin’s couple friend.

Bro, if you ever read this.. I can finally say “yeah! i’ve BEATEN you!” no more “nearly” huh.. but well.. its hasn’t got to do with my skills.. its hasnt improved since the last time we played.. it’s has to do with allen.. he hasnt been playing, but i still think you are good. It has to do with practising. *grinz*

played on an empty stomach and was super hungry and finally headed for dinner at midnight. had a funny conversation with all of them. pretty cool. the couple are from presbyterian.. cant really remember them tho. my juniors. 😛

hitched a ride from allen and headed home. tried to blog but no inspiration. wanted to play a game but it expired. talked to dar for a short while and headed to dreamland.

was drifting in and out of sleep. finally woke at 8.15am and my tee was soak with perspiration in an air conditioned room. gawd. i felt lethargic. sat on bed stoned for 5 mins deciding if i should work today. must have been an unlucky day. i jumped into the showers only to feel so much to be back in bed. determined to take a cab to work, but didnt spot any on 20 mins that i was waiting. took a bus instead. must be heaven’s will – be thrifty. 😛

i wish 5.30pm will reach soon. i cant stand this silent office anymore. the silence is engulfing me, putting me in a sleepy spell.

looking forward to fish head steamboat tonight with the girls.