It’s been a long time since i last post some pictures. i seemed to be exhausted every night when i come home.. im feeling heaty now.. and i know.. once again.. that im getting sick..

anyway, it’s gonna be jason’s 1 month in a couple of days and here are some of the photos i took during my last visiting session at samantha’s house..

i was filled with regret that i didnt bring along my memory cards to msia.. had to rely on my uncle’s cammies to take pictures.. and guess what? they forgot to burn the photos on a cd for me and now, the nearest uncle is at least 300+km away from me and the other, thousands + thousands kms away, at the other end of the globe. With the amount of photos taken, there’s no way they are gonna spend time sending me the files one by one.. I’ll have to wait till my uncle loads them on his server for me to download at my own pace.

anyway, here are some of the photos that i took with my cammie phone. couldnt take a lot, coz my memory card is full.. anyone wanna sponser a 256mb one for me? *grinz*

it’s time for bed.. my eyes are shutting and i have a long day tomorrow.. it’s yoga classes again!

– must remember to bring harry potter book for shuyu –

nite frens..