Gambler in action..

Since the day i got.. I put on my black robe and started gambling everywhere i go! win some lose some more.. but it’s just for the fun of it. think i win more than i lost.. but incurred bad debts in the process.. so.. just take it as i lost more huh..

it’s fun having to gather around friends and laugh the day away.. time really passes when one’s enjoying.. It’s kinda sad that i have to head back for work in 2 days’ time after being on leave for 3 days + public holidays..

Met Cheng Chieh + Mei Fen on thursday for a short while together with shannon, moses, derek and chee keong. They came to singapore quietly without anyone’s knowledge (according to shannon) and am leaving on friday morning. It’s nice having to catch them even for a short while.. It’s almost 10 years since i last met mei fen.. and as for cheng chieh.. he’s fatter and seemed to have shrink in size.. (haha, i think i grew bigger.. that’s y)

I wonder what i am going to do today. Nothing in mind, but i know i’ll be gambling at someone’s house later. i’m hungry.. am waiting for pig to wake so that i can go grab a bite. Alrighty.. need to get myself freshen up.. put on my gambler’s robe and head for some kicking ass action!

Anyone missing my presence? Beep me!!