looking forward to stepping on singapore soil

the time for me to leave rengam is approaching.. and as usual.. im always thrilled to head back home. not that i don’t like coming here (it’s always nice to interact with my uncles and other family members), but its a tad too bored coz there’s nothing to do here! im sure im feeling normal, coz im not the only person thinking this way.. hee

i think the food here is the best consolation that i have. i get to eat sharks fin at every single meal and in between meals as snack too.. luxurious rite? *drool*

spent the last 2 days here playing as much solitaire as i can, talking to whoever is on msn.. really appreciate it man.. those who talked to me + play minesweeper.. watched a couple of dvds.. and played dance revolution on ps2. haha.. cranky rite? but i guess it’s quite an entertainment when there’s really nothing better to do.

it’s almost time for bed. got to wake in 5 hours and eat breakfast + catch the morning train back home..

i miss my bed and my friends.. i received so many smses.. but do pardon me for not replying. its actually much much cheaper for me to call than to sms..

okie.. time to pack and head for bed.. goodbye rengam..