adsl in rengam!

[current reading | are you afraid of the dark by sidney sheldon]

for the first time in my life.. i’m quite thrilled to be seated in front of the computer here in rengam. My uncle has just installed adsl here and it means a much much faster internet connection as compared to the 56k modem that my grandpa has been using for years.

It also means that i can get to blog quite often and be online on msn. I’m kinda bored here.. nothing much to do.. weather is hot and i feel uncomfortable in every corner of the house im in..

am now waiting for the dinner spread to be prepared and then its reunion dinner. did a super dumb thing today. i brought along my sony camera, but in the rush of packing, i left out all the memory cards for the camera. now, i have camera but no memory cards. how dumb can one get rite? *frustrated with myself*

met up with raphael for shopping in town and dinner on sunday and spent the much of the whole monday in a salon with daisie while she’s doing her rebonding! i sat there and finished up the book that my aunt borrowed for me. left daisie at 6+ after allen popped by to fetch her.. i headed for jap class and was late and had to gobble down my dinner in 10mins.. hee..

by the time i got into class.. im so tired that im was like snoozing in there. after the class, rushed to meet allen to collect my pineapple tarts that i asked him to help me collect.. Hee, thanks so much allen + daisie! after that, popped to geylang for the yearly reunion dinner with wei’s frens.. was so tired that i think i can sleep on the table and it was karaoke after that..

it’s almost 6am in the morning by the time i got home, surfed a bit of net and concussed immediately after. was supposed to head for rengam at 8+, and i didnt pack, so can u imagine how dishevelled i was when i woke? pack, bathe, clean up my room a little, settle some stuff on my com.. and then rushed downstairs to my waiting uncles and aunt. *oops*

then its the usual journey up north and the usual shopping spree at holiday plaza..

Oops.. i got to take a quick bath before the dinner.. im so sticky and the weather’s killing me. 🙁

got to go.. will blog later if i have the time or when im bored! *poof*