i was surfing and looking for a song link so that i can link it to my blog.. cant seemed to have any luck looking for the song i wanted.. 🙁 anyone wanna offer me some help? I want the song – Baby, dont you break my heart slow..

Anyway, am really bored now. nothing much i have to do. my work’s all jammed up but cant proceed due to some minor hiccups. surfed around and came across another of those boliao quiz for me to do..

1)Name the last four things you have bought:

a pair of shoes from bata, egg mcmuffin, iced milo, porriage for lunch

2) Name four drinks you regularly drink:

green tea, plain water, iced lemon tea, iced milk tea

3) Name school friends who are usually with you:

michie, shuyu, wenjing, jac (rest of them dun see as often)

4) Name five important things in your life:

computer, money, friends, handphone, fun

5) Last time you cried?

2 days ago..

6) Missing?

my bed as usual.. im like a zombie..

7) What’s In your CD player?

havent heard anything out of it for a long time.. i think the last one was stefanie’s sun – the moments (everything else is in wei’s car!)

8) What’s under your bed?

Nothing. dust and dust and more dust?

9)What time did you wake up today?

7.45am, late for work.. took a cab!

10) Current hair?

nerdy + messy

11) Current time?


12) Current desktop picture?

This picture sent to me by mich that says “I think i need to talk to you”

13) Current worry?

is it really time to look for a new job?

14) Current hate?

nothing.. green pepper i think.. cant think..

15) Favorite places to be?

seaside/beach, snooker salons, shopping malls, movie theatres, overseas..

16)Least Favorite Places?

noisy places.. gives me a headache..

17) If you could play an instrument, what would it be?

piano!! my childhood dream..

18) Favorite color(s)?

PINK!!! okie.. like red, white, black and loud colors as well..

19) How tall are you?

1.61m short.

20): Favorite expression/s?:

pouting face.

21) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to:

har? *thinking* *grinning* *cheeky look* not saying. =x

22)Favorite day(s)?:

none. everyday is so busy.. would love sat if i didnt have to work.

23) Where would you like to go?:

for now, europe! but i always welcome japan or hong kong..

24) Where do you want to live when you get married?:

do i have a choice.. states would be nice.. but i think i dont have the chance to leave singapore..

25) Favorite food/s?

ice cream + sweets + chocolate + snacks & “farm chicken porriage”!

26) Colors of most clothes you own:

white, khaki, red, pink + black

27) Number of pillows you sleep w/:


28) What do you wear when you go to sleep:

tee + fbt shorts

29) What were you doing last night:

msning at home till 2 am + playing minesweeper..

30) What are you listening to right now:

nuthin… still tired..

31) What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years:

mother of 2, chasing + spanking my kids. haha.. really clueless.

32) Do you have braces?

Now? nope. retainer yes.. wear them like once in 2-3 weeks.. hahaha..

33)Are you paranoid?

At times

34) What is the brand of your wallet?

ozozo, eh, this qn v. familiar..

35) Your alarm clock?

turquoise rectangle clock + handphone.. hard to wake me..

36) Your perfume?

eh, familiar also.. (please refer the blog entries below)

37) Your bag?

bagS you mean.. see for yourself at the pic below..

38) Your notebook?

Dun own one, anyone wants to donate.. have loads of those that i can write in tho.

39)First real memory?

I fell from a tree at age of 3+, but never stopped me from climbing n climbing still..

40) First screen name?

eh, cant remember! SiaoCharBor? *thinks hard*

41) First piercing/tattoo?

wah.. got to ask my mum. think 4. i still remember the experience..

42) First enemy?

dunno. brother! fight n fight all day n nite..

43) First good cry?:

3rd august 1980

44) Last library book checked out?

cant remember.. some snooker book i think..

45) Last person you yelled at?

my mum.. caught me in bad mood

46) Last beverage drank?

plain water

47) Last crush?:

*keeping mum*

48) Last CD/song played?:

Somebody – depeche mode

49) Last thing you ate?

cuttlefish strips

50) Last annoyance?

causeway point – nothing for me to buy!

51)Last disappointment?:

too much disappointment to remember..

52) Last thing you wrote?

the sentence above!! duhz!

53) Last words spoken?

something abt the milk that my colleague left in the company fridge..