Lonely journey to work..

Heard this song the moment i came out of the bathroom this morning. Used to be one of the songs that i really like..but this morning.. it gave me a whole new perspective as i listen to it..

我竟然没有调头 最残忍那一刻静静看你走

一点都不像我 原来人会变得温柔是透澈的懂了

爱情是流动的 不由人的何必激动着 要理由相信你

只是怕伤害我 不是骗我很爱过谁会舍得把我的梦摇醒了

宣布幸福不会来了 用心酸微笑去原谅了


但明天是自己的开始懂了 快乐是选择

(开始懂了 – Stefanie Sun)

I was late for work. Didnt feel like working and my body just refused to budge when im supposed to wake.. laid there staring at the ceiling till i had i drag myself out of bed..

On the bus ride to work.. i heard yet another of my favourite song.. this time, it kinda saddens me. reminded me of many things..

here, i dedicate this song to you (hamster).. if u happen to read my blog..

彷佛上一分钟 你还陪在我左右


我还记得玫瑰色天空 却模糊了我们的脸孔


* 彷佛已经自由 下一刻我变成风

吹过你的领空 差点失控 回忆在夜里闹得很凶


想让你知道我懂 却担心言不由衷

# 我们都接受 一定是彼此不够成熟


诚实得过了头 不能退后也无法向前走

爱是一个自私的念头 把寂寞消除的理由

剩下的那些感动 能记得多久

(接受 – Fish Leong)

I’m starting my day with a sad morning.. hopefully it can only get better. *smile*