Relaxing weekend..

spent the whole sat afternoon sleeping away and stayed home all day. was packing my room in the night till 7.30am in the morning before i headed for bed..

here are some of the shots that i took of my new hairstyle.. =)

i slept for 4 hours plus.. and headed for Kenny’s gor house to play mahjong! here are my cousins and my mahjong khakis for the day..

headed for dinner at sakae and chatted abt our family.. the cousins.. the stuff we used to do when we were kids.. and trying to figure out our family tree.. *sigh* its a complicated family.. but it was fun and i was laughing away the whole day.. 😛

anyway, headed home and here i am blogging after i have finished my homework for tomorrow’s lesson.. am really tired.. think its time for bed.. good nite to all..

*blow kisses*