busy day..

Im gonna have a busy day ahead, but the sad thing is im feeling really unwell. I didnt have dinner last nite and went to bed feeling really hungry coz there wasnt anything left in the fridge to eat.. and now that i think back.. i virtually forgot that there were instant noodles.. I must be really tired..

I’m still feeling hungry now.. and on top of that, a bad stomachache, a badly inflammed throat, a super tired body and tired eyes. anyone can help me get out of this rut?

I had fun last nite.. decided to meet up with wj and sy to “destress” a little..halfway through the karaoke, i went off to snip my hair! those who have saw me with the new haircut says its short, compared to what it used to be. I look a little nerdy now. not used to my new hair cut. Will upload a photo of the cut when i have the time (hopefully tonight!)

I got to rush off from the office in a while’s time. Got a tenants’ meeting at Hougang mall today at 10.30am.. then i got to head down to pines club to collect a bouquet of flowers, and then head back to the office for photoshoot, then settle down and finish my work. Got a msg from jac this morning asking me to meet her. Im still deciding whether i should. Rest seemed to be a little more important on my schedule, but i do have something to pass to her tho. i brought the stuff out.. so, i will decide later when the time is nearer.

Okie, got to clear my emails and head out of the office soon. To whoever is reading my blog, please don’t miss my presence! *skips off*

Oh oh.. anyone will be in town (Orchard) during lunch time?? Do give me a beep.. i’m looking for a lunch partner in town today.. *grinz*