falling asleep..

has anyone got any cure for the urge to sleep right after food? I feel so lethargic.. am tired and want to curl up with my doggie and head for bed. I miss my bed so much now!

for once in a long time, i decided to listen to class 95 instead of Yes 93.3 for a change. heard many songs that reminds me of my younger days.. such memories.. like mambo night and stuff.. *grinz* i suddenly feel so OLD! gawd.. *pulls my hair and drop my jaws*

im gonna have mid 20s life crisis.. haha.. sounds serious? i deem it is! *sob* i dun wanna grow old.. Help me.. any anti anging products to recommend anyone?

wj & sy asked me to head for karaoke tonight.. i.. dunno whether i want to go.. half of me want to go badly.. the other half.. so tired.. and then.. i’m still thinking abt the consequences if i were to go…