I came home early tonight.. hoping to destress myself by playing minesweeper online with someone.. but.. but.. NONE of my usual opponents are online. and i really mean NONE!

Gawd.. that’s so sad, aint it? can someone just imagine my disappointment? my whole list of msn contacts.. so long, yet, i cant find someone to play with? Eddie – if you are reading this.. nah.. i dun wanna trouble you to log onto the net and just play minesweeper with me. =)

i’m so bored. really bored. wondering what i should do and decided to play with my mobile phone.. *grinz* and maybe revise my 3rd language later should i still have the time.

yoga class was great today.. i dun feel much ache tho.. does that mean im getting better? ha! it better be!

Oops.. i better stop blogging and finish what i set out to do.. i dont wanna have another late night..