i declared mc yesterday.. wasnt feeling too well.. throat a little inflammed and i definitely didnt have enough sleep. im trying to get my life straight. my room is in a terrible mess and i dont have time to do it. my laundry piling and i also dun have time to wash them. i hardly get enough sleep. i think its time i should get my priorities right. *sigh*

Went back into the office yesterday despite being on MC. got a meeting and did some work before rushing out for my language class.. I didnt revise the whole of last week and the class was terrible.. i had listening comprehension and i did very badly.. 3 weeks ago.. i had near full marks.. now its near failing.. i got 13/22 yesterday.. kinda upsetting. looks like i got to spend more time at home revising my work.

I just had lunch and am so full.. im growing fatter by the day. simply refused to step on the weighing machine to upset myself further. time to get some work done.. and so looking forward to yoga classes tonite.. so that i can work on my abs and get more toned.. *grinz*