time to relax..

the whole office has been so tense recently, with so many auditors from KPMG popping over all the time. they aint really friendy people ya know? *sigh*

they just left together with joseph and it means.. the tense mood is gone!

saw this quizzy on michie’s lj and decided to do it also!

1. Wallet/ Purse :: some ulu brand, ozozo from the wallet shop

2. Bag(s) :: the last time jiahui & yihui counted, there were 100+ of them. i don’t think i can remember them all..

3. Slippers/Shoes :: loads as well, the last 30 pairs i bought were mostly from charles & keith

4. Sports Shoe :: diesel, adidas, nike i have them all..

5. School Uniform :: har? past that age liao leh!

6. Cap :: nike’s!

7. Notebook / computer :: har? let’s call it the CHERRY brand coz i built it myself..

8. Handphone :: nokia 7610.. still figuring how to use.

9. Bracelet(s) :: dun like, dun wear, dun fancy. own one from disneyworld tho..

10. Pen :: i LOVE stationery.. all sorts.. those who know me well would know how huge my collection is. currently very infatuated with ballsign at work.

11. A4 Paper :: double A and all sorts of art paper..

12. Clock :: one from ikea, one from Ooosch! (non-existing anymore)

13. Shampoo :: Loreal, keratase, redken.. since its free.. *grins*

14. Shower Gel / Soap :: shokubutsu

15. Toothbrush :: oral b

16. Bedsheet :: ikea and polo ralph!

17. Television :: sony, but no tv in my room.. dun really fancy tv..

18. Mp3 Player / Radio :: dun have mp3 player.. my bro’s ipod can count? radio = hp

19. Fan / Air-cond :: cannot remember what brand (i’m @ work!), aircon by sanyo.

20. Eye Shadow :: clinique, i novi, red earth.. but i HARDLY use. thinking of throwing already.

21. Lip Gloss :: body shop, red earth and clinique

22. Foundation :: dont use leh

23. Perfume / cologne :: miracle by lancome, cool water by davidoff, pleasures by estee lauder & white musk by body shop

24. Nail Polish :: wah.. got at least 40 bottles, mostly from sally hansen, relvon, loreal, u.g.n.y, maybelline..

25. Toothpaste :: oral B for sensitive teeth

26. Body Moisturiser :: Jergens ultra dry/cherry almond

27. Glasses / Contact lenses :: eh dun need as yet. perfect eyesight leh!

28. Pencil Case :: a lot also, mesh ones, cloth ones.. i own them all. Mostly from muji and esprit de corps

29. Watch :: swatch x 5, Baby G x 1, Casio x 3, Titus x 2 & my fav philippe starck!!

30. Tracksuit :: the last one i own was from asics

31. Travel Bag :: deuter, samsonite

32. Jeans :: levi’s, mango.. tat’s all i got!

33. Pyjamas :: i dun wear.. but i dun go sleep naked!

34. Shirt :: eh.. a well mix of different brands.. polo, tommy, G2000, U2 and cant remember..

35. Cigarettes :: didnt i mention that i hate smoking!! 2nd hand smoke – marlboro lights

36. Mosq spray :: dun use.

37. Room Freshener :: dun have.. live in pig sty so got also no use.. hahaha

38. Hair gel / Wax :: gatsby, wella and loreal’s

Wah.. finally done.. took me half an hour.. so restless liao.. I’m so happy i dun have to work tomorrow!! YIPEE!! *jumps around in office*

Gonna meet wenjing + david, shuyu + chee keong, ivy + alvin and maybe wei for sweet chicken porriage at Geylang later.. but.. they meeting at 9+.. i wonder what i should do during the time in between.

Im freaking bored and broke. no more shopping for me for the rest of the month and i havent bought my new year clothes!