life still goes on..

for once in a long time, i didnt reach work late.. wow! im impressed with myself. haha. havent been doing “morning runs” for a long time.. and i decided to ran after the bus today.

i had a busy morning.. i hate mornings in my office.. have to rush everything out before the logistics guys leave the office..

i had a pleasant surprise from wei last nite.. and i really appreciate his kind gesture.. *touched* looks like im receiving loads of love from all out there.. but hey, i know im attractive.. hahah *pukes*

anyone out there who wants to shower me with more attention?

im gonna have a packed week.. looking forward to the yoga classes tonight.. i wanna relax.. and achieve peace.. haha.

here’s my schedule for the week:

konban (tonight) – yoga classes

sui yobi ban (wed nite) – meeting mich for dindin (jac, wanna hop along?)

muko yobi ban(thurs nite) – meeting jac & suleen for dindin

kin yobi ban(fri nite) – no activities yet

okie. got to get my work done. have to leave work early again today.. 🙂