the spirit of Christmas!!

my days since the last time i blogged hasnt been exactly great. i am thankful that at least i have friends who lend me a listening ear to complain.. send me rays of sunshine while i’m down.. giving me pats on the back for encourgament and helping me when im sick..

the weekend whizzed over through bouts of fever that comes and go.. and a very inflammed throat plus a busy wei who hardly had time for me.. but still brought me to eat rocher beancurd (after me harping on it after 2 days).. still, it was a nice gesture and i appreciate it loads..tho the beancurd tasted a little weird coz i was sick..

started the week heading to work even tho i wasnt feeling exactly well.. no choice.. i didnt wanna get my pay deducted for taking medical leave.. im not confirmed yet.. and its not abt my performance level.. it’s abt the management’s time management. They didnt have the time to do my confirmation.. and here i am suffering..

tuesday.. i got really bad.. lost my voice totally.. tried to talk but only squeaking like a little mouse. i bet my pet hamster could squeak louder than me. decided to declare MC. couldnt make it and slept 3/4 of the day away.. and spend the rest of the day writing cards.. wrapping small gifts.. went to the doc’s at nite and he gave me 2 days mc.. but i was determined to go back to work somehow.. money was something that i lacked and i just dun wanna let them deduct my pay.

wed – sick still, grumpy and had a really bad day! scolded by thousands of customers.. it seems like its a day for complains.. and i was so down and busy when a bundle of surprises came in.. check out the rays of sunshine that michie sent!

was feeling cheery after that till this nasty customer called and complained about this 20% discount coupon. scolded me and insulted me.. and shouted that its such a stupid promotion.. what kind of marketing exe i am.. bla bla bla.. was so angry but i tried to calmly explain the reason only to have her slam the phone down on me! i was super angry.. gosh! i stood up and kicked the partition till it the first place, the promotion that she mentioned was done a year ago by another marketing exe!! still feeling sick and uncomfortable, i sat down and started sobbing.. wondering why my day is so sucky..

everyone else in the office was shocked.. i kept sobbing and sobbing.. refusing to talk to anyone.. i just think the world is so unfair! managed to cool down hours later and joined my colleagues for a hearty dinner at swensens!!

thursday was fire-fighting day and the whole day was spent handling complaints and pacifying angry customers.. *sigh* beginning to really HATE this job.. the only nice thing was that i left on the dot. 5.30pm and i ran away!

it’s christmas eve! I’ll like to wish everyone a great big

it’s so sad.. i think i might have to work OT today.. *sigh*

i hope everyone will have fun and may there be world peace.. enjoy the weekend!!