Black stOrm!

thursday started off with me reaching the office only to find the outlet supervisors strolling into the office at 8.45am onwards.. half wondering why they were here, and half rushing my work.. one of them came over and chatted to me.. only to have me find out that there’s a supervisor meeting that morning.. I wasn’t informed of anything!!

gawd.. i wonder if there’s anything to do with the storm that i was expecting to be brewing. anyway, i came to this conclusion that it prob has got nothing to do with me, since i wasnt asked to prepare any agenda, or told about the matter. to my ultimate dismay, at 9.05am sharp, my boss came over my desk and asked, “can we head for the meeting now?” my next reactions were.. “huh? uh.. ok.”(feeling puzzled and unprepared) i scrambled and grab a book and a pen and hobbled behind at his heels, heading for that huge conference room that’s in the MD’s office.

Meeting took 3 hours.. and while i was wondering why my customer service manager is nowhere in sight.. i heard the announcement that she is no longer with us. Confusion sets in.. i saw my CS mgr still sitting at her desk yesterday, looking fine and pretending nothing has happened.. (tho she was called into a meeting in the morning and i saw her crying during the meeting)

I heard from my colleagues that she resigned. I don’t think i would believe that tho. She has a lot of debts to clear that was incurred by her ex-husband, and she’s been paying it off each month and was just telling me that in half a year’s time.. she should be free.. the next thing that came to my mind was.. she was asked to leave, which i strongly feel it is. the last time my partner got the axe, she was asked to tell us tat she resigned.

*sigh* having been here for slightly over half a year.. i have seen 3 ladies being sacked and it’s so demoralizing.. especially when both of them are seated next to me.. and now, im surrounded by a perimeter of emptiness.. from the place im seated, there is no a single soul within a 3m radius. All that im left with is cupboards, partitions, and files to see.. no sight any living things..

It’s such an unlucky day.. i came out of the meeting feeling super hungry and was told by my colleagues that they have decided to lunch in and have ordered food.. i was about to head off myself to the canteen for some food when i was told that they ordered for me too.. aww.. how sweet.. but it only left a frown on my face. i appreciate their gesture loads, but they ordered KFC!! and i don’t take fast food! i joined them and forced myself to go through the meal, only after 1 piece of chicken, i felt so sick that im ready to puke. decided that was enough stopped eating..

that was also when.. i realised that the ribbon from my heels dropped out! argh! my heels!! i have spoilt so many pairs recently that i no longer have heels to wear! was trying to find superglue to paste it back and no one has it.. not even the maintenence guy. 🙁

continue with work and was expecting an important fax when the fax machine is down.. my boss told me to change it with the one downstairs.. so, i decided to use some initiative to move it myself.. (only 4 other colleagues left in the office and 2 of them are pregnant) at first it was fine.. then i realised that there is an ink stain on the table, then i looked at the carpet.. ink stains.. my next reaction was my white pants!! Argh! huge ink stains on my beloved pants!!! i was so terribly upset!! i was planning to go out after work today!! now, how can i face the world with my pants so stained all over and even my skin beneath my pants also stained black!

tried washing it in the bathroom..resulted in 6 little holes on my hands.. the bleach was too strong for my skin and it was so painful.. and i never managed to get the stains off.. it was too strong a patch and my white pants.. only managed to turn it into brown spots. i had a busy day ahead and i had to walk around the office wrapped in my black shawl. simply no longer in the mood to work, i have decided to give my boss a call and headed home.

while i was abt to leave.. many urgent issues caught me and i never seemed to be able to leave. finally left and asked the maintenence guy to send me home (thank godness that he was just abt to head out of the office).. i cant imagine having to take a bus wrapped in a shawl.. should anyone decide to knock me or accidentally tug at my shawl.. it would just drop.. and being in the industrial area, there’s hardly a cab in sight..

got home, swapped my shawl with a pair of jeans and headed out of the house again..

Getting sick..

friday was a busy day at work.. i was trying to clear all the urgent stuff.. and worked till 8pm.. went of to meet shuyu & wenjing at Suntec for some midnight shopping.. didnt want to go initially, but shuyu wanted to borrow my Charles & Keith card and i didnt have any chance to pass it to her during the week..

Met yihui, jiahui, munic and lester with 2 other girls that i dunno about. i also met many friends while shopping today.. i wonder y.

walked around and squeezed with the crowd.. got so upset coz everyone kept pushing me!! i went into the Swarovski shop to look at something that i wanted to buy long ago.. it’s this cherry handyphone strap with all crystals.. so delicate and pretty.. almost bought it when shuyu asked me not to.. too ex for something like that.. i left the shop with the strong urge to go back some day.

its was a frustrating shopping experience.. i doubt i’ll ever come to any midnight shopping anyway.. hot, squeezy and uncomfortable.. and im super hungry! havent ate anything since lunch till 12am and we had to call a cab to head out of suntec! the queues there are so long…

Headed for food and home straight and i was so hungry that i ate tim sum, ate wanton noodles, i ate a small bowl of century egg porriage and 1 small bowl of laksa and in the midst of it all.. i had gastric. how nice.

hitched a ride from chee kiong after the meal when he came to fetch shuyu home. I headed for wei’s house instead.. too tired to travel alone back home and since shuyu’s house is just a stone throw away from wei’s house.. it’s just so tempting. no one was home when i reached, bathed and tried to surf the net a little, but was too tired and fell asleep..