Strike lottery?? *sigh*

Oh, i forgot to mention that we opened a new set of mahjong the other day.. and we picked numbers for 4D!! i wanted to buy on sat, but by the time i reached the betting booth.. it was too late to buy. Only managed to buy it for Sunday.. for those who are interested in buying, here’s the number.. 2718

Pei was mentioning must buy 24 permutations.. and guess what.. it came out on sat!! argh.. kinda upsetting tho.. that i didnt manage to buy.. but quite consoled in a way too.. coz i didnt have any intentions to buy 24 permutations.. Hee.. i wonder if any of the girls bought the number.. Hmmmm…

It’s another sickening day at work.. (my stomach’s feeling queasy, that’s y!) and i still have classes at night. Havent revised my lessons since last week. Gawd.. i wish i can become a full time student again!