Snooze mode..

im falling asleep at work.. or rather.. i should say.. i already fell asleep and got awoken when my colleague used the fax machine just next to my cubicle. gawd.. im so tired!

I havent been getting enough rest.. and i seemed to be dreading to come work. my schedule seems to be packed these days and i hardly have time for myself.. argghhh..

i miss michie’s comments and her talking to me via msn.. I believe she’s gonna tell me that after reading so many entries.. finally there is one with her name mentioned! nah.. she’s not forgotten.. i have been sending her smses since she headed for the mission trip.. mich, in case u havent got my subtle hints.. YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED BY ME LOADS!!

im secretly blogging in the office yet again.. to keep myself wide awake.. i seemed to be losing to the “Z” monster a lot these days..

it’s gonna be a rushing day.. got to carry “c_k_” from the office, rush home, pack my bag for tonight escape at david’s house and tomorrow’s swimming and the weekend stay at wei’s.. bring along the food, chilli and whatever needed and head for david’s house by 7pm.. sure cannot make it in time!!

Oops.. boss out of his office.. better stop blogging! ciao! *switching windows*