Post purchase dissonance..

The weekend has been a whizz.. it’s always the case when i have to work on saturday.. i finally have decided to go ahead and buy the dream phone that i have been eyeing on.. for at least the last 6 months..

here’s a photo of it for those who still dunno which phone i’m talking about..

I was accompanying wei to check out the m1 plans at the stores when i saw this huge poster outside the shop. nokia 7610 going for $398! I immediately told wei that i’m gonna buy it. NOW and jumped into the queue.. i was just asking david days ago on whether i can get one at the lowest possible price..waited for eons, but the price never seemed to drop much..

waited for a long time in the queue.. finally my turn.. and wei have decided to buy the same phone as me.. 🙂 i’m as excited as i can be.. only to be told that i’ve to clear my outstanding phone bill before i’m allowed to sign up the contract..

stayed in the shop for a long time.. and by the time we got out.. it was pretty late.. we decided to head home.. i realised in the car that my handset was faulty!! the down button doesnt work at times.. and i made wei U-turn back to the shop from amk..(yeah, we are almost home!) the guy simply refused to change for me.. *angry* mentioned that i opened too many applications causing the fault!! Went away quite pissed but was determined to change the phone somehow..

was so demoralised the whole time after that.. made a call to m1 customer service and decided to change the phone today.. headed off to sun plaza and changed the phone.. no questions asked. I like this guy that helped me today.. he’s more helpful, friendly and polite. and yes, i finally had the chance to play with the phone after lunch!! *yipee*

it’s time for bed.. im so tired after my language class.. tomorrow’s gonna be a long day.. meeting shuyu & wj @ bishan for another shopping spree.. buying xmas pressies.. im going so broke.. anyone has got spare cash to donate??