Badminton crazy..

i have decided to change my lifestyle a little these days.. enriching it with more sporty activities and spur my adrenaline a little. I have been trying to go swimming as often as i can.. heading off for the pool again tomorrow.. but not sure if my arm will be able to take up the task..

today is a pretty hectic day and my shoulders are really tired from lugging a huge bag (shoes, clothes, towels, badminton racket, work stuff etc), from my house to my office, from my office to NTUC centre @ Marina Boulevard via the train, and then to Thomson CC, off to this little badminton court somewhere in kebau bahru (don’t know if its spelt this way), and then all the way back home. Wow! Im pretty amazed by myself for struggling that far, especially when i had to carry it and stand through the whole media presentation (1.5hrs) at NTUC in 2.5″ heels. I feel like my legs are on the verge of breaking.

It’s been more than 10 years since i last played badminton. The last time i recalled playing was in primary school, either pri 5 or 6. boy, that was really a long time and i had to borrow a racket from cynthia for the game today. My racket is in bad shape after so many years of storage.

Met up with wj, david, ck & shuyu for the badminton game. Started off trying to remember how to play.. and after a while, got the hang of it.. i guess its like cycling, you wont forget how to cycle even after years of not practising. played a total of 3 hours.. and i strained my arm a little.. i can only blame myself for over-exerting myself and not warming up before the game.

im so beat that i could just doze off this moment.. but i cant sleep with my hair wet. It’s gonna give me a headache. i feel so miserable when i think abt waking up early and heading for work just 6 hours later. argh!!

Oh, i had a pleasant surprise today and it caused my heart to skip a beat, flutter a little and was on cloud nine just moments later. I was looking for the toilet in change alley when i bump into a familiar face right in front of me. Gawd, it’s wei! i entered into a state of shock, then broke into a smile and enter the state of elation. It’s surprising that tho we see each other each week, my heart still beats when i see him on the streets. Isnt this such an amazing thing? It’s like, when there isnt any anticipation, expectation or knowledge of it.. the whole thing turns out so pleasantly surprising. After knowing him for 10 years, i have only bumped into him twice on the streets, and each time, i get the exact same feeling! This is such a valuable experience. Something that i would treasure in the months and years to come, and perhaps teach me to be someone who can be easily contented.

It’s time for bed. cant stand it anymore.. night all sleeping pals. sweetie dreams..