Back in the scene..

my computer is finally up and running again!! I’l be blogging more often when i have the time.. but i’ll need to first dig out all the information that i have in the old hard disks and everything.. i do hope i can get my pictures back.. they are SO dear to me..

I was totally glued to the TV the moment i got home today.. yeah, you got it. Singapore idol.. i cant believe wei actually called me up and we kept talking about the show. im not a staunch supporter of either.. so im not exactly feeling emotional when the results was released.. I really felt either of them could win.. Taufik’s voice was definately better, but sly has got that appeal that made his fan keep voting him in.. oh well… it’s finally over (it means that i’ll have more time to myself then – with one less programme to watch)..

gawd, im so damn pissed with my brother for downloading so much stuff and hogging up my internet connection. i hardly can surf the net!! the frustrations are setting in.. and im getting really tired. i should be in bed at this hour..

i got to go.. will blog about the past happenings when i have more time.. sayonara!