Silence all these days..

For those of you who have been checking my blog for updates.. i’m sorry to inform you all that my beloved ALMOST brand new computer has just crashed on me again!! I feel so much like a crash dummy..

facing the 5th or 6th crash this year.. im utterly upset and super not motivated to fix my computer anymore. Anyway, i cant seemed to fix it no matter how much i try.. something is wrong with that XP program at home.. some of the files cannot be copied during the set up.. and i havent had the time to blog in the office coz i working so late every other night..

There are many things that i need to do but have no time for:

1. Accompany Jac to Sim Lim to buy a new computer

2. Head to Charles & Keith to pick up my repaired heel

3. Head towards Topshop @ Suntec and collect my f3 membership card (left it there on the super suay day)

4. Watch the many episode of Singapore Idol that i missed

5. Update my blog with the entries that i wrote manually on a piece of paper during the days where my computer crashed

6. Compile the pictures of the bintan trip so that i can give the phs gang the cd (but i dunno whether i am still able to retrieve the pictures from my crashed hard disk)

That’s all that i can think of now.. 80% of my brain is working on matters that are related to work.. i wonder what time i will be able to leave the office today..