Pushing myself for 13 tiles..

Wanted to blog when i reached home yesterday but was called for a mahjong session at my cousin’s place. I was really tired.. wished i could just drop dead on the bed the moment i got home.. but it’s been months.. since i last played with them and i have been turning them down for numerous times.. be it an invitation from my cousin or from my uncle.. i had to turn them away due to the heavy workload.. I guess its getting really unhealthy huh..

Struggled to play and finally finish the game around 12+, and collapsed into slumber the moment i got home. Feeling super demoralised when i thought about working the next day.

As expected, i was shacked this morning, was dragging myself to work and yawned throughout the day.. Decided to head home early to rest. Took a nap and i spent the whole sat at home! It’s yet another unpleasant day.. why are things just going sour for me?? *upset*