Beach Wedding..

i’m totally worn out by the activities of the past weekend. Spent saturday roller blading the whole of Pasir Ris park (i didnt know the end of it will lead to the NTUC chalet – how mountain tortise i am!!).. and then went to the chalet to bathe and prepare myself for the wedding..

gosh!! i was so “under-dressed”!! I didnt know what to wear.. i was in shorts and tank top and slippers.. and everyone else seemed to be in sun dresses.. pretty heels and make-up.. Gawd.. i wore a bikini beneath my tank top and shorts.. thank god i brought along a sarong.. for beach activities.. took it and wrapped around my waist and at least i seemed to blend in a little better among the rest.

i declare this as a “friends day”!! before heading to pasir ris.. wei & me had lunch in northpoint and i met meiting @ B1.. chatted a while and parted..found out that Eileen is getting married, but i wasnt invited (actually, that’s good news for me.. can save money.. hahah.. anyway, im not really close to her either!).. then while rushing through my lunch, i met another friend that used to work at AP comm.. couldnt say much so i just waved hi..

while blading in the park.. i heard a loud “ZIHUI” being shouted somewhere behind me.. i turned and saw collin jogging in the park.. on the pedestrian track while i was on the cyclist track.. wei couldnt stand the fact that i had friends everywhere.. and during dinner.. i met yet another friend.. this time, one of my freshies while i was the OGL in TP.. he served my table and i did find him familiar.. but didnt take much notice till he called my name while i was picking some fruits off the buffet spread.. Gawd.. i feel like im being spied..

anyway, the wedding was fantastic.. it did rained a little.. but it was “showers of blessings from god” – as mentioned by the christain couple. It was totally relaxing and we helped ourselves to all the wine, food, booze, cake.. the view of the sea was great.. relaxing and chilling when the sea breeze hits my face..

here are some photos of the wedding.. didnt take much coz it was drizzling and i didnt wanna spoil my camera.. and after the ceremony, i was too engrossed in chatting and getting to know all of wei’s colleagues that i forgot about taking photos.. it was a night of fun and laughter.. i was glad that i didnt feel out of place even though wei spent almost the whole night talking his colleagues instead of me..

almost every one of the guys got drunk including wei and i spent the entire nite at the chalet cleaning up his vomit. it was hectic.. having 4 person puking all at the same time, not enough sober people to help clean up, not enough plastic bags to go around containing the vomit.. but in the midst of all these.. was fun, loads of laughter.. loads of funny incidents and interesting acts.. i was the last to head for bed.. was really tired but wei was still belching through the nite, and i was afraid that he would mess himself and the bed covers.. so i sat beside and kept a watch till i fell asleep..

slept for abt 2 hours and woke to check on the rest of the guys.. some left while everyone was sleeping.. but others woke hours later.. and left coz they had stuff to do.. only 4 were left in the chalet eventually. i went to buy food to munch..while waiting for them to wake..

wei was the last to wake and we headed for lunch.. i was so tired after lunch that i headed back, took a bath and konked out.. wei was running a slight fever and suffering a hangover.. he was not in the right mind to drive either.. finally left the chalet at 7+.. headed for a thai dinner and its home sweet home..

I gonna konk out now.. so tired since i didnt sleep much last nite.. i wish my weekends would be longer.. im dread going to work now..