a little ease..

felt super frustrated today at work.. so many things to do.. it CONSUMED me.. i’m sorry to all my work colleagues that i snapped at.. i didnt mean to..

thanks too those that tried to talk some sense into me.. appreciate it.. but im just like an over stretched rubberband.. leave me alone and i’ll be fine. i need caveman time.. to be alone.. to feel at ease and relax..

apologies to raphael. i think you seemed to have something to talk about when u called me earlier in the day. i missed ur call coz phone was on silent, but then i wasnt really in the mood coz i was rushing a lot of work.. we’ll chat over dinner or coffee some day ya? dun fret too much, a turtle is supposed to have long life..

i’m upset today, my little baby got into a car accident and the car was badly banged up. the boot cant be opened.. and to think he got it for less than 3 months.. i’m a little upset.. but i’m thankful, and happy in fact.. i was just telling him yesterday that its the rainy season and reminded him to be careful on the roads.. and today, *bang!* accident. but i’m proud of the fact the he was banged and he aint the one banging people. hee.

i am thankful that he’s ok. the fact that i still have the chance to talk to him, receive his smses.. it made me realise that material needs aint really that important.. someday, the car will be replaced.. but we wont feel the loss if we buy a new car.. but with a person gone.. its a totally different story. dar, i want you to promise me to go check out that neck k? if not i strangle you.. haha..

i decided to drop all my work today and leave at 6.30pm. headed for dinner with samantha @ sun plaza.. at my favourite fast food outlet again! *yipee* chatted on other things.. for a long while.. i felt a little relaxed and somehow in a good mood. thanks for spending time with me.. dear old samantha. i think im gonna miss you when u go on maternity leave.

i think gossiping and chatting really cheers me up. i hope i have the time to talk to people more often..

i got to go, heading for bed. got meeting with joseph tomolo morning (again!?!!), and another meeting at heartland mall – Kovan. i hope the meeting in the morning wont take too long, coz i have loads to accomplish before i head out of office for that 2.30pm meeting. i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, if not, i’l be heading back to the office to get work done after office hours.. :I

it’s nancy’s bdae today!!!

Happy 26th Birthday, Nancy!