Getting into my head..

loads of files, loads of calls, loads of meetings, loads of emails, loads of ants harassing me at my work table. the word “money” buzzing my mind all the time.. how to earn them all from the consumer’s pockets?? all these are giving me a headache for the past few days! the kind of headache that i need to pop a panadol to ease..

i cant sleep well at night.. im constantly stressed up.. checking my back and re-thinking if i have forgotten to do anything. too much to handle, too little time, two little hands to hardly cope, too small a brain..

i need to do some sports to ease my tension, but i cant find the time. argh! its making me frustrated all the time.. and i snap at people more easily. i burn in fury too often.. im sorry if you have been one of those that are burnt by me..

no decent pictures taken still of my new haircut. Hmmm.. keep waiting to see it!

here’s the pic that i took last sunday while i was @ Tekka Mall.. (that’s where i cut my hair) and i tot it was a sight.. that removed me from the bustling of an office life.. a place where i seemed to forget abt my work.. where life was much simpler.. like my childhood days.. places like this were much more common..

met up with jac yesterday. finally gave her the cactus that i bought for her.. initially it had a bud, then i left it in the office and watered it.. and the bud, it turned into a flower!! how pretty! was so shocked, when it suddenly bloomed.. so quickly met up with jac and gave it to her..

here’s a photo of it after it bloomed..

i’m so happy.. i’m looking forward to this weekend.. the weekend where my dream wedding will finally be happening..(no No!! Im not getting married.. no wedding bells to hear.. :P).. i’m attending someone’s else wedding whose concept is very much the same of what i have in mind for my own.. someday.. i’m gonna see how it’s gonna be done(and learn from it!!).. the invitation is just so interesting. forgot to take a picture of it last week when i went to wei’s house.. shall take it this weekend and upload with all the photos that i’m gonna take.. of my DREAM wedding.. *excited*

i have loads of work to do.. i have brought back some work coz staying in the office is simply giving me a headache. i wonder if its due to the stale air or something.

oh, to all my friends out there.. if you happened to work in a company where there a recreation club or whereby the welfare of the employees are well taken care of, so let me know. i need some recreation personnel contacts.

got to go.. as much as i wanted to pen more of my thoughts.. the clock is ticking.. my body clock shutting but my “to-do” list still has many items unchecked.

bye for now. night to all. miss michie and her chirpy voice. as much as you hope that the work week whizzes past, i hope you’ll be back soon. i want to go for that PEDICURE that we planned for so LONG!! take care in hongkong. buy me a pressie please. haha.