know yourself??

i finally had a day of sufficient sleep after 2 weeks of hard work.. i was pondering over this statement that joseph brought up during the meeting the other day..

“He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened.”

It struck me hard.. how much do i really know about myself? Do i really know myself better than anyone else? I do know of some of my flaws.. but i’m not sure if they are all that i have.. i know my strengths, but are there more strengths that i dunno about?

My blog posts are getting shorter and shorter. It has got to do with my energy level. what the heck! sometimes i think, why the hell should i work so hard? some day i might just end up like my colleague.. for now.. im struggling to make it through.. hoping that someday.. it’s myself that have benefited from all that hard work..

I’m gonna take an afternoon nap.. somehow im still feeling lethargic..