my stress level is sky rocketing!!

I’m getting more and more easily frustrated at work and i know that isnt a good sign.. I am superly overloaded.. i dare say im coping at least 3 person’s work and i can hardly breathe.. and some of my colleagues are pushing me more work.. their work.. i should say..

i need a break.. or something to perk me up.. change my comfort zone.. get out from where i am.. i have been toying with the idea of changing my hairstlye.. to the hairstyle that i had one year ago..but this time with pitch black hair. For those who hasnt seen it.. here’s a really low res picture of it.. took it from my handphone year ago.. hee..

i would like to hear comments on what you think.. should i or shouldnt i? Well.. i might just decide to heed your advice! but i’ll decide myself eventually..