Queasy stomach..

my stomach hasnt been feeling well recently… i feel bloated all the time and i getting the “wei zhang qi” problem.. i havent been getting regular meals.. either i starve for a long while (while waiting for lunch time in the morning) or i have heavy meals (lunch/dinner) once i get the chance to.. I know this is bad.. but i hardly can help it..anyway, this has been a problem since i changed my diet 5 years also..

for once in a long time, i finally felt a little relaxed at work today.. and decided to leave everything aside when the clock struck 6pm.. left the office and headed for causeway point! Shopped a little while waiting for yihui.. had dinner @ my only & favourite fast food joint..*yeah*

was so occupied catching up with each other that i forgot to take photo of the food i ate.. anyway, here’s the photo i took after i realised that i havent taken any photos…

it’s almost bedtime, but i have lots to accomplish still.. *sigh* better get some work now and head for bed to ease that stomach..

birdy: i reckon u are really busy… that u dont even have the time to pop me a HI.. but no worries.. work hard and i’ll catch you and put u in my cage some day. hahaha..(i hope the king doesnt come after me.. *bleah*)