i seemed not to have sufficient sleep every other day.. every time the clock nears 11pm.. my eyes are starting to close.. and i can feel my body getting “heated up”.. I think i really need a break, but sadly, i hardly can take it. *sigh*

I have been pondering whether i wrote this in my blog before..cant remember, too tired to check.. so heck! i think my name is such an interesting thing.. coz, there are many others out there who just doesnt know how to pronounce it.. and the most ironic thing that i found.. was that i got the name “cherie” to ease people from pronouncing my chinese name (which i believe is a tad harder..).

Anyway, here’s the thing that i realised.. i’m known to most as “cherry”, one of my boss calls me “cherries” (so, i’m more than just one cherry huh?) and sometimes i am also known as “cherish”.. A lot of people call my office line and ask for cheryl, shirley and all sorts of other names that i cant imagine having.. even most of my colleagues cant get my name right!! Frustrating right? *sigh* and the worst part is, there’s this other lady.. named shirley.. so more than half the time.. i was trying to figure out whether people are talking to me or her.. and half the time, im wrong.. replying to the wall.. only to realise that i’m not the one being called.

Anyway, i think one’s character is so dymanic.. there are so many words that can be used to describe just one person.. i wonder.. how well my close friends know the real me.. and is it really the real me that they know or just a side of my character? or maybe only part of my personality..

Here’s some really simple guidelines on knowing me better..

If you ever find me unfriendly, please go away. I prob dont like you at all..

I usually talk a lot of rubbish.. i mean really NON STOP and laugh hysterically if im really at ease with you.. Only a minority have experienced this particular sight of me.

If you think im a quiet person, either i dont like you or i dont intend to be your friend..

If you have me mentioning you in my blog all the time, you are considered the “v.i.f” of mine..

I try to take things lightly most of the time, but it might not be how i feel..

I’m an introvet at home and an extrovet outside my home.. isnt it amazing?

Time to konk out.. Night chirpy.. night sweetie.. night everybody..