What a life!

I think my life is getting really interesting. It’s has become no life except work life! I’m still in the office at this hour! I just cant believe it. It’s a saturday! it’s 6.03pm and i’m supposed to be on half day! even a normal day should end at 5.30pm.

Went home at 8.30pm last night, managed to clear a lot of stuff.. came into the office and more work piled on me.. X’mas around the corner.. so im dammn busy.. to top that off, i got to make sure that the marketing related stuff for the jarkata operations are being prepared.. I seriously wish there were more of me.. or at least, i have more hands and brains to help me.

Thank god that wei has lesson today.. so i wasnt feeling as miserable as i thought i would be..

I just felt the need to blog, do something for 10 mins that has got nothing associated with my work..

Oh.. michie, wish you have a safe trip tomorrow!! Gonna miss ya and remember to catch me on msn when u have the time ya? *hugs* we’ll go for that long postponed pedicure of ours when u are back!

jac, i havent had the time to load the pictures of my office desk that i took with me “new” cammie.. (it’s in a total mess anyway..), but i’ll try to show it to you soon k? On the day where i get to go home early.. *sigh*

Okie, back to work now.. i dun wanna stay too long in this seat of mine..

(shucks! it’s only 6 mins since i started blogging! *back to work*)