weekends always seemed to whizz pass and monday seemed much longer than the weekend i had. maybe, coz i had a pleasant weekend. nothing interesting really.. had dinner in restaurant, headed for karaoke.. then snooker.. sleep.. wake.. lunch.. movie.. home..

caught this hilarious movie White Chicks.. its been a long time since i last caught a comedy in the cinemas.. totally enjoy this movie..

slept really late last night..was surfing the net and was stoning in front of the computer. at times, i just wish i didnt have to work.. i kinda missing my nua-ing times but then.. come to think about it.. i prefer my current disposal income level.. haha..

realised today that xiaoqiang is finally taken away from the bus stop. its weird seeing a friend at the bus stop everyday.. on a poster.. haha

was supposed to head for The Terminal today with jac, but heard from raphael that he wanted to watch too.. so i decided to postpone the movie so that the 3 of us can watch it some other day.. that way, i can watch one movie and satisfy 2 friends.. hahaha..

Oh.. headed for retail therapy today. was really tired.. and really broke.. but i cant stop buying.. argh! wanna smack my hand for signing and signing all my purchases..

finally headed home.. *yawnz*

totally had no inspiration to write.. i remembered that i wanted to write something on my blog.. something significant.. but i cant think now.. i can feel.. my mind… s h u t t i n g d o w n . . .