Trials & Tribulations..

Many things have happened around me recently.. i hadnt taken much notice of it till today.. right after an incident happened at work.. I was really upset..

After hearing from jac & mich that they both got into some form of accident and suffered stitches.. the first thing that went on my mind (after making sure they were alright..) was.. is it going to be my turn?? No accidents requiring stitches as happened to me as yet.. but im going through tough patches in my life..

I just heard from anthony that he broke his thumb at work and has been on MC for 3 weeks.. and he has been posted to a new ship.. and the working environment isnt nice.. its sets me thinking.. at times in life.. things doesnt go the way you expect it to be.. and things at times so so beyond our control that we, can only learn to adapt and emerge from it as a “winner”..

In today’s episode, i thanked mich for being there for me.. i thanked wei for showering me with concern amidst his busy schedule..

I do hope to find a new me tomorrow when i wake.. a brand new perspective of life..