Wong wOng wOng..xiaO mi FonG… BUSY beE!!

my work load has been piling.. i think im over loaded.. no matter how hard i try to clear my stuff.. i’m always given more stuff to do.. my marketing partner left for bangkok on thursday for vacation.. will be on leave till next wed.. and in the meanwhile.. im in distress… she left with uncompleted biz and i got to clear it up for her.. caught in a bomb yesterday for a matter than i didnt even know about and was asked to solve it.. today, another big bomb came my way when i was about to head home at 2.15pm.. i’m supposed to be on half day.. and sadly, i’m still in the office clearing my work..

This fateful call came.. and i realised that my colleague forgot to give this customer of ours.. 300 slices of cake.. for their event!! and i have to deliver 300 slices to bishan before 3pm! it would have been easy.. but im not allowed to drive the truck.. no drivers in the office.. could have taken a cab, but 300 slices was way too much for my load.. as every min passes.. i got more frantic.. and of coz, kena scolding too, from my production crew.. 300 slices takes a long time to make.. feeling like shit.. i got to clear up this mess, and yet at the same time kena scolding from so many when its not my fault at all!

waited for freddie to come from bukit merah.. and the customer kept calling me..i dunno how to answer the calls.. it just keeps ringing.. and i simply dont have an explanation for it. felt really sucky..

freddie finally came after slightly over half an hr, quickly loaded all the stuff and headed off… the traffic lights werent in our favor most of the time.. argh! it’s so frustrating.. phone keeps ringing.. (i dun dare to answer..) answer once every 3 times it rang and i apologised with some excuse…

finally reached.. almost 4pm. Shit. event over. crowd no more. damn! felt really sucky.. anyway, i was told it wasnt my fault and i should feel bad about it.. but somehow or rather.. it has affected me.. 🙁

right after that, i headed for some retail therapy. Needed to buy a new pair of heels. i broke my heels 2 days ago while chasing the bus.. managed to catch the bus, but couldnt board.. cos heels broke just right before i boarded!! So malu! so many people at the bus stop staring at me.. argh.. i had to stare back at the bus driver (who was waiting for me to board), bent down to pick my broken heels up.. and headed home with just one side of the heels on my feet and the other in my hand, dangling.

Way home was also embarassing.. nicely dressed and no heels in one foot.. walked home and gained many glances.. i wonder if they are all secretly laughing at me..

Anyway, i bought a new pair of heels.. so happy.. coz shopping always perks me up, no matter what.. but my stomach isnt happy. its been growling since 10am and i havent eaten anything.. since the last before.. and in fact, i didnt remember having dinner.. headed home and it was already 4.30pm…cooked noodles to satisfy the hunger pangs..

Oh, here are more photos of my graduation, courtesy of michie’s & qunyu’s camie..