Tiring sunday..

I’m feeling more and more like a student.. spent the whole afternoon in MIS doing project with wei and his project mates.. It’s so uninteresting when the project doesnt seemed to be progressing and all the members seemed to be more interested in the minor details rather than the main content.. i’m tired.. the deadline is supposed to be on the coming tuesday and the report is still not finalised and compiled.. i’m supposed to help!! *faint* i wonder how i can finish everything on a monday night.. apparently, there’s no team work.. coz one member left to watch mama mia and she’s the one with the laptop. the meeting got to come to a halt.. heading home.. and i have nothing to compile till she sends me the file.. and i have waited for it since 6.30pm.. how crap. Wonder why these people can criticise others while they are displaying similar behaviours..

tough work ahead..

Work’s gonna be more tough in the future in my office. Last friday, for the first time since i joined angie, the whole office (level 2 staff) had a briefing by joseph.. right in the middle of the office, right behind my desk. it was intimidating when i found joseph standing there that morning.. staring in my directon. i thought it was weird.. he simply just stood there, standing into the blank air, in the direction of my desk. he somehow made my heart beat faster.. tot he was going to scold me or something.. just moments later, i found out that he has got something to announce.. *sweat* (thinking: “i wonder what it is..Oops..”)

everyone gathered and stood in a circle.. and i felt like a piece of bread.. having slaps of butter being spread on me.. *grrr* guess everyone felt the same way.. the atmosphere was tense..

i could hear my heart beat faster all the time.. wonder if a whizzing arrow will head towards me.. we were told to watch our time.. and not take the freedom we had for granted.. eating breakfast during office hours.. no personal calls/sms..bla bla bla.. i know this sounds like reprimanding kids.. and believe it or not.. i actually have to agree with him.. many of us, in the course of our lives, somehow will take things for granted and try to push things a little too far.. and i admit that i havent been arriving on time for ages.. i’m always a couple of minutes late.. *grinz*

the whole office other than s-mama arrived later than me on that fateful friday morning..everyone have been taking things easy.. strolling in slowly only to find joseph looking at them.. *Oops*

anyway, we are going to have auditors from kpmg coming into our office.. so we gonna watch our behaviour a little.. at least while they are here..