ain’t perfect..

for the past few days, i have been stinking of oil & smoke (“you yen”).. the kinda smell if you stay in the kitchen when someone is cooking.. my shoes, my jeans, my tank top, my uniform, my bag and my hair!! I’ve kinda grown conscious of it while in the train.. hoping that the people surrounding me wont shun me coz of it.. that’s one of the consequences of working at the food festival..

somehow, i feel more motivated to blog today (even tho i worked 11 & a half hrs today) coz i know i dun have to wake tomorrow morning. since it’s the last day of the festival, i’ll have to pack up, so i heading there in only around noon time.. conserve my energy for the night.. my customer service manager will hold the fort in the morning.. hee..

here are some things that i learnt abt working in a food festival:

1. Always wear your uniform around while buying food. somehow, a better deal will pop by.. (larger portions, more value, slightly cheaper rates, more freebies..)

2. Make friends with your neighbours and you’ll have loads to eat/drink + free advertising (word of mouth) to your customers..

3. cakes can always be traded for ba gua and keropok.. hee..

4. the salary for the day will always end up in someone’s else pocket.. (cant resist the temptation to try different kinds of food each day.. haha..)

anyway, though its been quite enjoyable in a way in the past few days.. i, too met my share of unhappiness and frustrations.. i have been complained against.. somehow i feel im in it alone.. struggling to keep it going.. i feel so demotivated and demoralized at times.. somehow the results for the booth aint fantastic.. but i know i have done my best.. i tried and i’m glad i did.. definitely learnt many things out of this episode..

as for the complaints.. it made me realise that people are just fond of complaining.. it’s almost next to human nature.. i have been complained at.. and then realising that “complainer” (the one that lodged the complaint) is displaying the same actions that i was complained for.. isnt this funny? i think it’s just simply too simple for us to just rattle off.. and then not realising that we, ourselves are doing the same thing! i thought abt it and i think i might have done the very same act in the past.. so, i dun really blame her.. but somehow.. it made me more conscious abt me complaining about someone else.. Maybe i should refrain myself from complaining in the future..

somehow i miss my cosy desk, my chair and my stupid slow computer in the office. I havent seen it for many days.. somehow it feels kinda weird..

Oh.. i also want to show my appreciation to michie & Jon, jac, who came to offer me support.. and helped me around the booth..and cheering up my days simply by just spending time walking around with me testing all the food.. You girls + 1 guy simply perked up my long work days.. and also to yee tat.. who made a trip there on saturday but i wasnt at the booth.. Thanks for coming.. and also to kelvin (“xiao ping guo” – my phs junior), who showed support by buying one of my cakes!! It’s been glad meeting you!!

am really tired for now.. need to go snuggle in bed with my little doggy.. bye for now..