I cant believe this.. while i was trying to write this blog.. i went off to read michie’s email regarding my graduation photos!! argh! after that.. i realised my window for blogger is GONE! argh! i might have accidentally closed it since the computer almost hung when i tried to read the big file that michie was sending me.. *sigh* i’ll try to recap what i wrote earlier..

Monday was hectic with a long meeting and loads of things for rush.. worked till almost 8pm at night…

Tuesday was almost much the same, had a meeting with the MD again.. (i seemed to seeing him in meeting rooms very often now..), more work to accomplish.. had to prepare and coordinate all areas with regards to the food festival this coming thursday.. Wont be coming into office on wed since i have to head down to suntec and set up the booth…. OT-ed till 9pm.. had to leave coz the alarm is going to be activated.. got to leave me work for the next day.. argh!

headed into the office this morning and everyone was surprised to see me.. well.. what to do.. my posters arent ready and i had to rush through it.. argh! and then had to send them to the printer’s.. left in a hurry and didnt double check my posters.. argh! mistakes!! *faint* what done cannot be done.. darn! Went to drop my gown at riverwalk and rushed down to suntec.. help to decorate the booth.. walked around to survey the rest of the booths there.. polka has got this really interesting backdrop with all the polka cans.. Hmmm.. interesting idea..stayed there till 8+ then decided to leave coz i was so tired.. I need to go sleep soon.. my throat is getting inflammed.. i didnt drink enough water for the water.. didnt have dinner and took a really late brunch at 2.15pm.. I feel like i’m half dead..

can anyone help to inject more energy into me? I’m struggling to keep awake to write this blog..

Oh.. for those of you who might be in suntec over the weekend, you might want to pop by to visit me.. the food fest is at hall 404, suntec convention center, angie the choice booth is at C10, somewhere near the entrance.. dunno where.. look out for the big balloon with the logo..

Night for now. Don’t think will have the energy to write my blog for the whole weekend..

Time for bed… *yawnz*