Mad rush..

the international food festival coming up soon.. i’ve been working late recently. new outlet opening @ harbourfront mall on last saturday.. and i worked till 7+ to rush out some stuff for the opening..

Spent the whole friday rushing around.. went wei’s house and watch him study.. poor tired yet trying to study.. reminds me of those days where i ALWAYS doze off while reading the text.

woke up on sat morning really early.. coz i had to send wei to his mid-term test and intensive class.. haha. could have slept at home, but i needed to use his car to head towards harbourfront mall.. spent the rest of the morning there.. helping out.. checking out the malls.. a little shopping.. went back to wei’s school.. realised he left to have lunch before his class starts.. Oh well.. parked the car and walked to the bus stop.. heading toward ikea for shopping again.. alone!

kinda boring saturday afternoon.. couldnt find someone to go out with.. *sigh* Met toto & qunyu at rail mall for some kopi.. saw the graduation photos that qunyu took on graduation day.. hee..

Had dinner with wei & ka, and headed home quick coz wei have to study for the next day’s test.. Im super tired and sat there knitting till i dozed off.

Sun was not much better.. woke really early coz wei had to rush to school for the test.. i dropped him off and headed home to change. Met pei & raphael for wakeboarding at 1pm. Stupid raphael, late. got to raffles marina only at 1.30pm.. wakeboarded for 1 & 1/2 hrs.. i think i strained my back.. hurts like hell.. but well.. it’s still so fun.. Quickly bathed and headed to fetch wei.. dropped raphael at queenstown.. fetched wei and headed for some food..

Pei was still with me all these while.. till i dropped her off to meet ziming in town.. *grinz* Headed to raffles place to meet michie for photoshoot.. for graduation.. hee.. so fun.. but smiled till i think i looked fake..

photoshoot ended when the sun set.. and wei & me left coz we were supposed to have dinner with this friend that’s leaving for taiwan for a year.. Dinner was long.. and had drinks in a pub after that.. Super tired, but i cant leave early since we were throwing kinda like a farewell party for that guy….

i simply konked out the moment i reached home…