Busy week..

It’s been such a busy week for me.. Met up with jac yesterday to head down to zouk for Seventeen birthday bash.. was invited coz i’m one of the sponsers for the prizes.. and jac went as an undercover (as Angie the Choice employee).. haha.. she got to fake as my colleague..

Met rosemarie at the event.. found out that she’s working for ZA.. Interesting. Anyway, wanted to go shopping so kinda left before the event started.. but wow.. free drinks and chocolate dipped fruits.. reminded me of the caramel apple that i bought in disneyland half a year ago.. they were serving chocolate-dipped apples.. Didnt wanna try. Too sweet.. *yucks*

Headed to plaza sing to shop.. bought myself some yarn for some hobby.. *grinz* walked around a bit to help jac’s cousin to find a pair of heels for her convo.. Finally had dinner at 9+.. Wow.. super hungry..

It’s tiring, but somehow eventful.. I wish i didnt need to sleep.. there are so many things that i want to do yet, have no time for.. I need to plan my time properly.. hee..

Oh.. I’m planning for wakeboarding this sunday.. venue not confirmed yet. going with belle & raphael for the moment.. Any more takers?

p.s. ethokia – wanna come along?