a little secret..

Here’s a little paragraph that reveals a little secret of mine..

sti neeb a das yad rof em yadretsey.. i dehs owt gib spords fo sreat ni eht bac no eht yaw emoh.. i saw yllaer tespu. i dnuof tuo taht iew sah tog tset no yadrutas..dna elohw yad snossel llit enin mp.. ew saw desoppus ot og rof roodtuo stoohs htiw ym noitaudarg nwog rehtegot.. sti neeb dekoob.. eht toohsotohp.. t’ndluoc enoptsop ti rehtie.. tog ot nruter eht nwog ydaerla.. dna i yllaer reven koot hcum sotohp htiw mih no noitaudarg yad flesti..eh tfel ylrae soc fo krow.. siht toohsotohp ygniht adnik tnaem a tol ot me.. tey ereht gnihton i nac od tba ti rehto naht ot eb a gnidnatsrednu dneirflrig..

For those of you in a relationship.. ever wondered why you love your other half? Ever thought of the kind of things that you’ll do for him/her? ever considered how much sacrifice you are willing to make? Someone asked me this question today.. “ni wei ta fu chu le na me duo, will he do the same for you?”

I thought it was weird.. i somehow didnt consider this question after all that i went through.. at least in the recent months.. it didnt cross my mind.. i was stumped by the question for a while.. and my answer to that is.. im not expecting anything back.

I hope i’ll get through the next 2 years in a twinkling of an eye.. It’s gonna be a tough 2 years..