A tiring weekend.. body aching & a “new-born” student?

It’s been a week since i last updated my blog..i had been really busy over the week and didnt get enough sleep almost every other day..

beginning of the week..

spent monday and tuesday getting over the fatigue that accumulated over the past weekend..

Teacher’s day? It’s MUM’s birthday!

met up with michie and jac for last min shopping for graduation.. didnt manage to find anything to buy.. but had loads of sushi @ heeren.. the red plates were on 50% off!! Yum yum..*slurp* Bought mum a mango cake from the office.. WOw.. nice nice.. first time eating the mango cake.. hee.. Happy birthday mummy!!!

Manicure session..

Met up with michie for a manicure session at far east plaza.. rushed through a little shopping and bought myself a nice pair of black heels for my graduation.. *happy*

Finally graduating!! yeah!

started the day ironing my graduation gown.. and then the shirt that i wanted to wear.. wow.. felt so hot and frustrated..

waited for wei to come fetch me.. mum met wei for the first time.. this seemed to be the joke of the day.. oh well..

everything after that was a furry.. i left mum and wei at the atrium.. went to register and the next thing i know.. i was in the grand hall and havent had the time to tell wei what to do.. where to go..

heart was thumping when it was my turn to go up the stage.. i kept rehearsing in my head the procedures that i had to follow.. *breaking out in sweat*

before i know it.. it was over.. waited for the rest of the announcement of the names.. really LONG!! after the ceremony.. it was taking photos and photos and photos.. my jaw and face was really cramped from smiling too much.. and the heat.. killing me…

had dinner with mich,jon & jac in town after the event.. legs really sore from standing all day long..

ended the day at partyworld karaoke.. with wei and jac.. tiring tiring and tiring.. sent jac home before i got the chance to sleep… and i finally got my degree!!!


argh! late for work.. reached at 10.10am!! darn! someone turned off my alarm.. 🙁 rushed to work…

was really tired.. but met up with pei & her friend, ellen for wakeboarding at raffles marina.. it’s my first time trying to wakeboard.. but i managed to get on the board and stay on it for more than 10 seconds!! wow! im quite impressed at myself..

spent the rest of the day accompanying wei while he studied for his mid term test next week.. caught a midnight show.. the anacondas.. Hmm.. reminds me abt the sweet incident when i watched the first episode with wei.. that was 6 or 7 years ago.. i guess memories are always sweet.. 🙂

end of the week..

it’s quite sad that the week came to an end so fast and that i have to work tomorrow.. i still have many things to do later.. but my body is aching all over.. and i spent the whole day doing project.. it’s weird.. i just graduated.. but i spent the entire day in ngee ann getting so involved in wei’s projects.. only managed to get home at 10.40pm.. so tiring and i wanted so much to collapse on the bed to sleep..