Sammi vs Sammi

I have finally seen Sammi! but it’s been un unlucky day for me.. rushed to sammi’s concert without dinner.. was late. really bad traffic.. jam on ECP.. jam @ cityhall area.. jam in all directions/routes heading towards the indoor stadium.. i wonder if everyone is heading towards the same way.. the car is inching more slowly than the clock heart thumping faster every’s 8pm..

Here’s a recap of my thoughts…

8.07pm – stuck at the car park at cosy bay! Darn! the car in front took the LAST available lot! was happily turning the vehicle into the carpark when the attendant told me to stop and told me that there are NO more lots for me.. looked far across the river.. there’s still jam at the indoor stadium carpark.. line of yellow lights waiting to turn in.. waited right outside the carpark.. hoping someone will leave soon..

concert is supposed to be at 8pm.. stomach growling.. havent had dinner.. getting frantic by the second..

8.17pm – should i do illegal parking? it’s double yellow line.. $70.. that’s the fine. f**k the car.. should have taken public transport.. it didnt help sitting in the car waiting for time to pass.. and i need to go to the ladies.. argh.. heck it.. decided to park at the road side after 10 mins of comtemplating.. $70 vs $260.. $70 sounds little.

kinda half ran to the stadium.. i need a drink.. need food.. ladies!! didnt find any food or drink counter.. went to the ladies and headed towards east gate.. where’s east gate?? *dazed* so many people around!!

finally found east gate… check bag.. and 7-11 counter!! that’s the happiest thing i saw in the last one hour.. food.. $4 sandwiches!! grabbed.. that’s how hungry i am.. grabbed drinks.. and donut as well.. now, where’s the seats??

Thank god that the concert hasnt started.. *relieved*

Anyway, here’s my personal review of the concert – not exactly fantastic.. and wasnt what i was expecting..

firstly, i cant really understand a lot of cantonese and everything was in cantonese.. sammi was speaking in cantonese almost all the time coz the fans shouted loudly and wanted it in cantonese.. Argh!

secondly, no canto pop songs, not much dancing.. only 2 chinese songs..

thirdly, didnt hear any of the songs that i wanted to hear.. *sigh*

lastly, poor sammi.. kept forgetting her lyrics.. hee..

somehow, it’s still a great experience for me… took some pictures.. will load them when my com is up.. *sigh* i miss my com!!