dead beat..

am on half day leave today.. but ended feeling more tired than compared to a normal work day.

1st reason – i slept for less than 3 hours the night before. 2 phonecalls came in the middle of the night and it kinda shocked me and altered my sleeping mood.. after which i spent the next 2 hours turning and tossing in bed..

2nd reason – i had to rush to meet michie and jac for the collection of the gown in the afternoon, rushed through lunch but ended up late for the appointment at creative district..

3rd reason – my already heavy bag isnt helping to the load i had to carry after the collection.. my shoulders are so tired the whole day. wished i could dump them somewhere..

i was rushing around like a busy bee for the whole of today.. here’s what i did and the places i went..

home – office

(late for work as usual)

office – raffles place

(early but met tommy and chat for quite a while)

raffles place – kopitiam

(rushed through lunch coz late for appt)

kopitiam – creative directory

(spent more than an hour there coz jac was late)

creative directory – wholesale place @ south bridge road

(wanted to buy clips and searched a few stores to find the right one)

wholesale place – olympus service center

(got to collect my spoilt camera.. *sigh*)

olympus svc center – keppel bay tower @ harbourfront

(got to send raphael’s camera in for repair @ canon svc center)

keppel bay tower – harbourfront mall

(ate dinner)

harbourfront mall – raffles city

(accompanied mich to the fashion show.. wah.. got goodie bag.. *drool..)

raffles city – plaza sing

(sat down for some ice cream waffle.. rested my legs n hands/shoulders)

plaza sing – home sweet home

(stand throughout the whole darn journey home on the train.. with all the bags!! *body aching badly*)

Here are some of the findings for the day..

1. it weird to be wearing a mortar board, and its hard finding one with the correct size!

2. it’s really expensive to take graduation photos in a studio.. wah.. it’s like almost 400 for errmm 4-5 photos?

3. it’s never worth the price for anything that has got to do with graduation.. enlarging a photo from 3R to 8R cost $40!! *faint*

4. i look weird in a graduation gown!!

5. there’s nothing really in harbourfront mall.. almost ALL the shops seems to be in some form of renovation at this point of time. mostly food-related stores are opened at the moment..

6. you dont need to be pretty to be a model, just need to have the height..

7. models’ figure aint really great, they have cellulites too!!

i would like to take this opportunity to thank michie, jon, and jac for accompanying me the whole day.. and running around the island like a mad dog.. and especially to jon for being so cranky and making me laugh so much at gelare today.. haha.. it was fun hanging out with you three.. till we meet again next week.. let’s work hard and look forward to our graduation!!

i kinda made some resolutions for myself recently.. i want to make it a point to sleep early.. i have been neglecting my health and not sleeping much.. been falling sick too often.. i also want to make it a point to do my work well.. and excel in what i can do.. i want to save money.. aiming to reach my 20k goal in the next 2 years.. last but not least.. i’ll clear up my room soon.. it’s filled with loads of shopping bags that i havent had the time to unpack.. (imagine the amount of $$ i spend on shopping………..)