lazy weekend..

I practically slept the whole of the weekend away. Wanted to help wei with his report, but i couldnt fight off the “Z” monster.. argh!

met up with egon last saturday.. Boy, you have changed a lot!! anyway, i do hope you have enjoyed yourself and once again, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!! it makes me feel really old when i was there at the party at east coast.. wei and i were among the oldest in the crowd.. gawd, we had a hard time clicking with the rest..

i finally collected sammi’s concert tics on sunday.. as the day inches nearer, im getting more and more excited.. and at the same time more and more worried.. it’s gonna be wei’s accounts closing day that day.. and i wonder if he’ll be able to make it in time for the concert.. *pouts*

nothing special happened at work today.. only that i received a pleasant surprise from wei in the morning..

i’m gonna collect my graduation gown tomorrow!! yeah!! finally the BIG day is coming.. woo hoo!! i wonder how i’ll look it in.. *anticipating..