SUPER demoralizing saturday..

i’m blogging from my office.. and yes.. i’m still in the office at this time. Just managed to finish my work and rest a bit and thought i might as well blog now since i will be out for the whole day later.. or rather.. the whole weekend.

i’m supposed to be OFF today, but due the launching of a new strawberry ice cream cake early next week, im have so many things to prepare that i decided to drag myself out of my bed, and head towards the office even tho i had only 3 hours of sleep..

it’s been a shitty day. sometimes i just dont understand human nature. emotions change faster than the wind direction and friendliness can change to curt exchanges in just seconds. it’s like, before i can finish blinking my eyes.. im in deep shit before i know it..

im super demoralised with all the things that needs to be done, and everyone is like bugging.. hey.. 12.30pm.. time to go.. let’s go.. shouldnt you be going? deep in my mind i was wondering.. wtf! i have things to do, if you want to go.. just go! i mean, i’m free to use my own time to my own disposal and i dont need people to tell me to go home! and give me weird expressions when i mentioned that they can go first.

i want to shout.. i want to vent my frustrations.. but there’s no place for me to do it.. right now.. im banging on my keyboard coz that’s the only source of release for my frustrations at this very point of time.

i know im not supposed to be angry.. frustrated.. it’s just not worth the effort.. the time.. the energy.. i’m trying hard to keep my cool.. *takes a deep breath*

I do hope my day will be well.. hopefully not get into trouble with anyone else.. and if i really did.. im so sorry..

Oops.. i got to leave the office already.. no one is left and the door is suppposed to be locked soon..

Will try to blog again on sunday night when i’m back home.